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cat pharo

We are honoured to introduce Cat - the first in our 'MARKWICK Women' series.

Here at MARKWICK we love to celebrate other women, so we will be updating this page regularly with women who inspire us and who, in their own unique way, make us step up and raise our game. 

We believe that there is nothing more powerful than women who encourage and support each other. We have chosen Cat because not only does she look amazing in our collection (lucky us!) but she is a woman who lives her life to the fullest. She is a friend, a wife, a mother of three beautiful girls, a model, an interior stylist, an art director and co-founder of  Smalls  - so not only is she ridiculously beautiful, kind, funny and intelligent - she takes multi-tasking to new levels.

It's not easy wearing so many hats but it's what a lot of women do and Cat does it with grace, honesty and humour - and that is something we believe needs to be celebrated.

Cat - we love you x